Sitamata Wildlife Retreat

Farm area sharing border with SWL sanctuary. Having an area of 250 acre (500 bigha). Farm is situated along River Jakham to its east side and lake to west side. Farm has its own small private forest dominating teak and bamboo trees. Orchards of Mandarin and lemon and sweet lime and bananas cultivation, mangos and banyan trees.

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Elegantly decorated and well furnished rooms are equipped with all the amenities for comfortable stay. The attached bathroom is complete with hot and cold running water facilities. 24 hour room services and unique dinning facilities make every stay a memorable one.

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Sita Mata wildlife retreat offers a rich array of experience, activities & amenities. It is a place where people come for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, unforgettable weekends, relaxation, corporate retreats, and reconnecting with family. Here the memories are for a lifetime. Explore some experiences from the Sita Mata wildlife retreat.


Sitamata Wildlife sanctuary

"The Sitamata wild life Sanctuary is known for Flying Squirrel and panthers However it is an ideal Habitat for herbivores, carnivores and variety of territorial, arboreal and water birds."

Sitamata is one of the richest sanctuaries from the biota point of view. Nearly 50 species of mammals, 325 species of Birds, 40species of reptiles, 9species of amphibians, 30 species of fishes and more than 800 species of plants have been listed in the Sanctuary.

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